A Groovy Sea Skipper Who Knits?

By Megan Goodacre

A Groovy Sea Skipper Who Knits?

A blog post about adventure, mountaineering, sailing, and filmmaking? Oh yes, we have that, plus knitting. This is a shout out to my step-brother Mike Moore, sea voyager, kayak guide/instructor and knitter-extraordinaire. The only knitter to ask me (so far) if I knew of a pattern for knitted pants.

He has sailed (and knit) from the high arctic to the antarctic. (That's him on the left).

In August, Mike was the skipper for a team of videographers and climbers, including directors Bryan Smith and Christian Begin and climber Dean Potter.

Check out the September 2011 issue of Gumboot Press for the full article about the National Geographic film team in the Discovery Islands.

The project is about the first free ascent of Mt Bute's west face by climber Dean Potter.