A little March Montage

By Megan Goodacre

A little March Montage

Between the teachers' strike, power outages, daylight-savings-fatigue, and the common cold, there has been a lot of knitting-time around here, but not a lot of desk-time.

Which is fine, since Maclean's magazine says Sitting Down All Day Will Kill You (I'm paraphrasing, but I believe the word "kill" is actually in the title of the piece). Oh, wait a minute, knitting is sitting too. Okay, new goal: knit while standing.

Actually that reminds me that my mom told me of some Olde Timey folk who used to knit socks as they walked... I tried to knit on the elliptical trainer once, it was not good for my gauge.

So many new patterns in the works. And a fun new product that we'll share soon. Keep an eye on your inbox for the next newsletter, I foresee a coupon. And if you're an avid tester, keep an eye on Ravelry's testing pool...

Meanwhile, a montage of things on the way.