A new article for k-nitting k-nerds

By Megan Goodacre

A new article for k-nitting k-nerds

Why the boring picture of the boring edge of a boring swatch? Because I'm on the cutting edge of knitting nerdiness.

When Josephine was so generously testing the Galiano Vest for me, she modified the selvedge on her version. In my version of Galiano, the selvedge is worked like this: First 2 sts: Slip 1 pwise, k1. Last 2 sts: knit.

Josephine found that her right selvedge wasn't working the way she wanted with the k2 on the wrong side, so she (bravely) dropped the right edge and modified it. (If you've ever tried to fix the edge stitch, you'll know how tricky this is). In her version, she worked the last 2 sts k1, p1 instead of k2.

Selvedges are a subtle little detail that not all knitters use, but there are quite a few variations on them. I thought it would be good to test and photograph a few of them, including the version I used in Galiano: knitted selvedges or selvages. When you're knitting a gauge swatch, try out some selvedge techniques, or invent your own.