A new book and a countdown!

By Megan Goodacre

A new book and a countdown!

July drifts along like a lazy river, the summer stretching ahead of you with no end of leisure time. And then, it's August, and the first day of school rushes at you like a crazed squirrel. 

A very exciting post today! Not only will school be starting soon—I love my children, but it's timebut more exciting than that, and coincidentally coinciding with the first day of school, is the unveiling of my mystery project from Way Back When. Remember that big box of Knit Picks yarn

Well, that yarn was for: a book! Yes, an actual book (even the kids acknowledge that this is Real Book, since it is on Amazon) with words AND pictures. I wrote the how-to's, designed the patterns, and took all the photos for the new Idiot's Guides: Knitting. IG Knitting is geared towards the beginner knitter, but I think even experienced knitters will enjoy the patterns and tutorials. It's packed with good stuff!

IG Knitting is officially available on the first Tuesday of September, so I will be posting little tidbits every day as a sort of countdown. It was a BIG project and I have a lot to show and tell, but I won't do it all at once. And I'll be adding all the patterns to Ravelry, so you can check them out there. I think there are 21 patterns in the book.

You can preorder it on Amazon!

Idiot's Guide Knitting by Megan Goodacre


For now, a few sneak peeks.

Cute projects, like these Friendly Critters!

Knitted Friendly Critters Pattern by Megan Goodacre


Stashbusting projects, like these easy Buttoned Wristlets!

Buttoned Wristlets Knitting Pattern by Megan Goodacre


Step-by-step tutorials, with pictures like these (yes those are my actual hands).

How to knit lace Idiot's Guide Knitting by Megan Goodacre


Stitch pattern charts for everything from the easiest textures to more advanced swatches like these:

Knitting Stitch Patterns in Idiot's Guide Knitting by Megan Goodacre