A new shawl pattern, new yarn, and outtakes

By Megan Goodacre

A new shawl pattern, new yarn, and outtakes

Phew! Have you noticed that the kids get a little squirrely this time of year? School's almost done, the days are warm, and there's an extra touch of chaos to everything. As my wise friend T says, "it's a house of cards". And poor Charles broke his collar bone one week before he had to travel to San Francisco for a nerd festival (Google Developer conference), so the last week has been extra chaotic. 

So, this morning, got the kitchen cleaned up, got the kids out the door (just one more sleep, you can do it!) and, house of cards still incredibly intact, sent out a newsletter for the new Tricksy Knitter pattern: Fledge Shawl. And the great thing about Fledge, is that I have the yarn to go with it! Maggie is another lovely yarn from Sweatermaker Yarns, and it's one of my favourite weights and blends. I used it in Oaklet Shawl and Gingham Scarf. It's a 4-ply, heavy fingering yarn that handles beautifully. The merino gives it oomph and grip when you're knitting, and the silk gives it drape and sheen. And it comes in plump 100 gram skeins; enough for a scarf or a small shawl like Fledge or Oaklet. 

I'm so jealous of Charles, getting to go to San Francisco. If he gets to meet a Mythbuster, I'll never forgive him.

Thank you to oldest son for taking the photos. There are quite a few outtakes. 12-year old boys think it's really clever to take pictures while you're blinking, talking, eating, cursing, or laughing. He says it makes me look "more human". You give them the gift of life, and that's the kind of smartass remark you put up with. Here's an outtake of me being "human".