A tiny tidbit and how to felt knitting

By Megan Goodacre

A tiny tidbit and how to felt knitting

I've been having an interesting discussion on Ravelry with some knitters about felting. My attitude towards felting (and many things, actually) is simplify, simplify, simplify.

Actually, that's just my trying to make my laziness sound like a philosophy. Henry David Thoreau said simplify, but I only know that because it was in a Calvin and Hobbes comic.

I throw my felting in the washing machine on hot, and it works really well. Maybe even a little too well, the things come out really felted. But other knitters don't always have the same luck with their machines, so I've been thinking about felting, and trying out hand-felting (which really clashes with my lazy side).

So anyways, since I'm working on a couple of patterns that will require felting, I put together a little article on felting. I hope it helps, a little, to demystify the felting process!