Americo Original

By Megan Goodacre

Americo Original

Remember yesterday, when I mentioned the buying of So Much Yarn in Toronto? Well...

I finally got to go to Queen Street West in Toronto (called the fashion district) and check out Americo Original in person. I also had a chance to meet the owner and designer of the yarns, Nicole Sibonney. Friendly, astute, unpretentious, Nicole was a kindred spirit (and a ray of sunshine after days of soul-less hotels and road trip meals).

The fibers and colour palette at Americo are so luscious and tactile, and Nicole handed me one skein after another, saying "you'll like this" as I gushed over her store. After I stopped gushing, I moved on to shopping, piling the counter high with cashmere, royal alpaca, silk, linen, pima cotton, and wool.

The colours I chose are muted warm neutrals, just what I needed on that rainy Toronto afternoon. But Americo has the gamut of colour for all tastes: from creamy whites, to amazing golds, blues, violets, reds, greys, taupes, teals, greens.

So here's a snapshot of the pile after I narrowed it down. If 26 skeins can be called "narrowing." Yes, I will call that narrowing, because it could easily have been twice that many.

Oh, and I should add, you can buy Americo from anywhere. And I'm pretty sure there is a free shipping promotion for Canadian orders right now? Til October 31st? Am I tempting you? Oops...

Yarn Americo