Another sneak peek at the Arbois

By Megan Goodacre

Another sneak peek at the Arbois

I think we usually have fantastic weather the first week of school. It's either cruel or wonderful, depending on your perspective. Tuesday morning was perfect; beautiful sunshine, all the kids and parents greeting each other, new school supplies. And it was just cold enough that I could wear my new cardigan.

After we get the photos in the (digital) can, it's great, because the garments are free to be worn. Arbois was perfect in my chilly basement studio today.

Quince & Co's Chickadee is very light, but smooth. Wooly, but with a nice firm texture. Very perfect. And the color, split pea, is one of my favourites. Our friend Chris calls the colour "megan-green" and as much as I resist the stereotype, I always end up wearing this colour. Or painting my walls in it.

So here's another glimpse of the cardigan, the pattern is coming very, very soon.