Arimono goes up a notch: preview

By Megan Goodacre

Arimono goes up a notch: preview

When I design shawls like Fledge Shawl and Arimono Shawl, I always keep it in the back of my mind that the knitter will want to adapt the pattern to suit; to suit the yarn and the shawl's purpose.

I like to wear my shawls like scarves, randomly twisted, so that they lose their sharp triangular shape. But others like to wear their large lace shawls symmetrically as display pieces.

The picture at the top is a glimpse of Arimono reworked in a heavier yarn, Brooklyn Tweed Loft, with extra repeats of the lace pattern at the border. The difference in size and the earthy yarn change the piece entirely.

The picture below is the original sample, in hand-dyed, light fingering Sweatermaker Yarns Maggie (cashmere and silk). I'll be adding the mods to the pattern soon...

Arimono Shawl