August already

By Megan Goodacre

August already

How's your summer going? I've been trying to take some real time off (rather than my usual, where time off" is sitting on the couch with my iPad instead of in my office in front of my computer). And it took a while, but after several days in the sun, swimming in the river, reading an actual non-work made-out-of-paper book, I got into the groove. And now it's hard to get out of it.  So today's post will therefore lean heavily on the work of others.

Have you noticed how hard Knit Picks has been working on its look? It has come a long way in the last three years, and the site, catalogue and photography are looking great. Fresh, up-to-date. This new collection, Reclaimed, looks great. And what a bargain.


So far this summer:

  • flew westward across country and back again (jet lag is so much worse going east)

  • have knit only 3 times (major coup for my hands and wrists)

  • have gained 3 pounds from eating and lounging

  • have started going to pool (see above)

  • have finished 2 books

  • got to the end of all existing Mad Men episodes (holy cliff hanger! just when Don starts to face his demons!)

  • have suffered one squirrel invasion (I no longer think squirrels are cute)

  • have not fixed hole in kitchen window screen where said squirrel chewed through in order to eat our hot dog buns and poo on window sills (see above)

  • went to War Museum (wow, this is totally worth checking out. I thought it was going to be musty old dioramas and artifacts, but not so)

  • made granola (that was yesterday and it is delicious. Can't quite understand why family isn't as excited as I am about it)

  • started watching Good Eats with little C (what an awesome show)

  • made marshmallows (see above)


So that's where I'm at. Trying to get back into work groove and plan for fall."