Babies and brunch

By Megan Goodacre

Babies and brunch

Happy Monday everyone!

What a lovely weekend. Great weather. We visited some friends and their new baby and had a delicious brunch.

The night before, I realized I had time to make a small baby gift. Newborns are so tiny that knitting for them can be quite quick! Hats and bootees especially. (Blankets are another matter!)

A very quick search on Ravelry for baby bootee patterns gave me Saartje's Bootees, an extremely popular pattern for fingering weight yarn. And it's a free pattern! These bootees have been made at least 13,955 times! And that doesn't count all the variations on Saartje's Bootees, or all the unshared projects. Amazing.

It's a sweet and easy pattern, and I posted a description of the project over here, Baby Knitting Patterns: Saartje's Bootees.

I also posted some tips on wrapping a small hand knit gift like this.

And another note, it was our anniversary on Saturday. 15 years. Charles brought me coffee in the morning and a very nice African violet. (I got him nothing because we had agreed No Gifts, so he broke the rules, but I did give him the gift of my sparkling personality.) Now, here's a thing. We have always celebrated our anniversary from the beginning of the relationship, not our wedding day. We got married quite a bit later (we already had a toddler), neither of us being very traditional people. In fact, we only really got married for the paperwork.

Let me explain. When our First Born was one and a half, we impulsively said, "Let's move to France for a year." (That's a little abridged, but that really is the gist of the conversation.) But of course, moving to another country for a whole year requires A Lot Of Paperwork, and many trips to the French consulate. And every time we had to fill out a form, we were asked Married or Not. I started to get a little paranoid about trying to cross a European border with a child but no actual husband (in retrospect, it really wouldn't have mattered.) So I said, "Should we get married to make this a little easier?" and he said, "Alright. How about Thursday" and I said, "I'm busy that day, how about Friday." Très romantique, non? But that's the kind of people we are and we're fine with it. As my dad said, "So, you got married for the French."

So anyways, our June anniversary gets pretty steamrolled by the business of this time of year (tax returns, birthdays, school plays) and we're thinking of celebrating the other date, which is November, for convenience. As I said, that's the kind of people we are.

Tricksy Knitter: African Violet