Blerg! Short Rows!

By Megan Goodacre

Blerg! Short Rows!

The sound of 4 stitch markers, plink plink plink plink, as you undo a top-down raglan yoke. I should turn that into a haiku.

It's funny that I wrote a post this week called short rows meet short swords, because this morning, Short Rows were my undoing. Or rather, last night in front of the tv. Another thing to add to knitting mistakes and how to avoid them: don't use knitting techniques that you haven't really mastered in the dark in dark yarn.

I thought I was being clever, adding short row shaping to the front neck drop of this top-down raglan yoke, but in the hard light of day....  wow. I'm not even going to show you how bad my short rows looked.

So, I did my homework today, and re-learned my Wrap and Turn. And then did a little more homework, and tried out two new ones: German Short Rows and Shadow Short Rows. You can see them over here: short row shaping in knitting.