Boiseau sneak peek

By Megan Goodacre

Boiseau sneak peek

That bright thing in the sky, as bright as the sun, what could it be? Oh right, it's the sun.

You used to hear me bellow on a daily basis "I NEED MORE RAM". Finally, I have it. I had to borrow (take) Charles's (newer) iMac. Editing photos is fun again.

In celebration of this rare sunshine, I spent the morning taking pictures of new designs. Here is a peek at one of them: the Boiseau Wrap. Lacy, textured, simple, with so much drape. It's really amazing.

I don't mean that in a self-satisfied way; I worked with one of my sample knitters, Deb, on Boiseau, and hadn't seen the finished wrap or even the yarn until she shipped it the finished sample to me. The yarn is Fibre Company's Acadia in colour Bog. (I like the word bog. Bog bog bog.)

Anyways, 60% merino 20% baby alpaca and 20% silk. Earthy and heathery merino/alpaca base, with silken flecks of colour. Fabulous. This particlar colour shifts from warm grey to olive, depending on the light. And worked on big needles, 5.0mm, you get this incredibly open, but substantial, fabric.

Boiseau Wrap knitting pattern in fibre company acadia