Buy Better Buttons for Buddies

By Megan Goodacre

Buy Better Buttons for Buddies

This post is all about buttons, buttons, buttons. Every finished knitting that cardigan with your favourite yarn, and then, because you really wanted to wear it right away, used kind of mediocre buttons to finish? 

Well, kill 2 birds with one stone (that sounds violent), how about, help 2 birds with one purchase? Or if you don't need buttons, I'll bet there's someone on your gift list who does.

Anyways, check out some of these great button ideas from etsy sellers. And this is only the tip of the button pile. If you know of a button maker/collector who should be on this list, please leave me a comment!

Packs of assorted new and vintage buttons from Nutmeg Bunny.

Handmade novelty buttons by Buttons by Robin. Buttons like these penguins could change the way I knit. Instead of starting with yarn, I'll start with the buttons.

 Polymer Buttons Amazing polymer buttons from Espresso ItalianoRaku Buttons

Raku buttons by Mary Richmond Tile etc.Glass Buttons

Vintage 50s German glass buttons from More Than ButtonsCeramic Buttons

Rainbow ceramic bird buttons from Branch Designs. Rainbow Buttons