Cables and cashmere

By Megan Goodacre

Cables and cashmere

A sneak peek at something that is almost done. I can't tell you what it is yet, but I can tell which yarn I'm using. This is Americo Original's Mezcla de Lujo. 70% merino and 30% cashmere, worsted weight, in plump 100gram skeins. Being a bit of a bargain hunter, I don't often treat myself to such luxury yarns. And then I wet blocked the knitting. Now I can't wait to finish the project so I can wear it. Cashmere and wool really come to life after a soak. Mezcla de Lujo is so very soft and warm. (The lesson here is twofold: first, wet block, and second, don't scrimp on yarn!) I already have my eye on some Charcoal Plum, if I could just get out from under this stash overload.


Some random thoughts today....


  • Second coffee of the day is the best coffee. I want to marry it.

  • You can work cables without a cable needle. Remind me and I'll take some photos and show you how. (Thank you to Nicole who showed me how.)

  • Where would I be without audiobooks? I used to prop a book up and read while knitting, but 1) it gave me a crick in the neck and 2) didn't work with books that wouldn't lie flat. I have been listening to David Rakoff reading his own essays. They are charming, erudite, bitchy, funny, and sad.

  • Last week, I learned an excellent new word: ultracrepidarian. This is someone who gives opinions on a topic outside of his or her knowledge. A useful word, but what I like is the etymology. If the internet is to be believed, it means, literally, "beyond the sandal". Apparently a shoemaker pointed out to the Greek artist Apelles an incorrect detail in a sandal in a painting. The artist listened to the advice, and corrected the painting. But when the shoemaker, now confident, proceeded to give advice on other parts of the painting the artist told him not to go above the sandal, or "ultra crepidam". Words are the best. I want to marry them.