By Megan Goodacre


Phew! Thank you to everyone for a great month of May. May is such a whirlwind of activity. Birthdays out the wazoo, mother's day, long weekend, and general Spring Fever. Here on Tricksy Knitter, we released the Arimono Shawl, and the Sweatermaker Yarns Kits.

On a personal note, you know it's a good month if it involves riding a horse, kayaking a kayak, and attending an elementary school Broadway review. Thanks to the inclusion of the West Side Story number, we can't stop adding "in America" to every phrase. Don't forget your lunch in America. It's garbage day in America.

Has anyone seen my needle gauge in America. Please pass the salt in America. Etc, etc. Oh yes, it's very annoying. Please view the movie clip so you can have it stuck in your head and share my pain. (The singing starts around the 3 minute mark).

So, what's next? A couple of things are in the works for some light summer knitting. A sweet little vest, seamless, a little bit of lace. I'll post a pic in the next couple of days. And another simple shawl to go with Sweatermaker Yarns 50 merino 50 silk. But the hamsters are really spinning their wheel towards fall knitting. And I don't know about you, but when I think fall knitting, I think CARDIGANS.

I've started a Pinterest board called Cardigans Only. And it, of course, includes The Dude and Mr Rogers.

Have a favourite cardigan length? Style? Are you into short or long? Fitted or slouchy? Vintage? Draped? Please leave me a comment or drop me an email!