Castellane Pullover in a Knit Picks Custom Kit

By Megan Goodacre

Castellane Pullover in a Knit Picks Custom Kit

Spring will get here. Right now, I could be tricked into thinking it's already spring. The alders are rosy with pollen (sorry hay-fever sufferers) and a million birds are twiddley-dee-deeing in the yard. If you're thinking ahead to warmer weather, you might be thinking of different knitting projects: shorter sleeves, cooler fibres, eyelets. Wow, my marketing patter is pretty flowery today, eh?

Knit Picks is on the ball (erf erf, no pun intended. Get it? Ball like ball of yarn?) with this one; they've put together a custom kit with Castellane and Shine sport yarn. Shine is very pretty and soft, a pima and modal blend, and a great buy at 2.99 a ball. And when you buy the yarn and pattern together, Knit Picks takes 15% off the yarn.

Castellane is a flattering little sweater, virtually seamless. Vents at the hips for extra ease, short-row shaping at the shoulders with a wide neckline, and lots of pretty eyelets. 3 needle bind off across the top.

And speaking of warmer weather, did you see Knit Picks' new Billow yarn? Anyone tried it yet? Love the palette they've come up with, great muted confection colours. Really want to try some, but I've got enough yarn to last 137 years if I knit 8 hours every day... The size of my stash is a little silly. When you pack to move house, you really notice how much stuff you have. I've started labelling the boxes of yarn "Office" so the movers don't think I'm a yarn weirdo.

Castellane Pullover Knit Picks Custom Kit