Colorplay: Minno hat

By Megan Goodacre

Colorplay: Minno hat

Happy Monday. Or as little C said this morning, Oh no, it's Monday.

Wanted to share a little illustration from the Minno Hat pattern. This is my kind of colorwork: ultra-lazy. I'm the same kind of knitter as I am chess player. Really committed for about 3 moves. Then, This is boring, can we play yahtzee?

If forced to play chess for more than 3 moves by a zealous opponent who thinks that playing chess "builds character" (you know who you are) I will end the game with a well placed tantrum.

For the Minno, you don't have to overthink your color combos. Just grab 6 colors you like, and you can't really go wrong. And the hat is so quick, you're not committing yourself to the palette for very long.

Here's just a handful of remixes I did in Illustrator.