By Megan Goodacre


Remember those 82 skeins of Sweatermaker Yarns? Well, first of all, they are 81 skeins now. I taught two workshops in Quebec at the Twist festival, and gave a skein to the lovely Gabrielle, who translated my rapid-delivery-idiom-packed-sometimes-goofy English into French for the students.

But the skeins will be in the Tricksy Knitter shop soon! I'm going through the photos, making sure all the colours are represented properly. It's tricky with these hand-painted skeins, they have so many colours in them.

And they're such divas. Some skeins demand to be shot in several poses.

I will send out an email to newsletter subscribers when they're ready.

I'm also posting the occasional photo to my Facebook page as I go.

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