Do old dogs forget new tricks?

By Megan Goodacre

Do old dogs forget new tricks?

I know, that doesn't make sense. Who's the dog in this scenario? Who are you calling old?

I'm not much of a hoarder. While I can be sentimental about a few things (I've been moving decades' worth of beach pebble collections from house to house) I'm ruthless about craft supplies. Every few years, I go through my fabric, art supplies, yarn, beads, and make huge charity piles.

A few (20ish) years ago, I was knitting complex, ambitious things. Often unfinishable things. And when I tired of them, my mom rescued some of the more usable parts of my stash from the charity pile.

One of them was a colourwork jacket that I think I was going to throw away (I get irrationally ruthless with clutter). Another was, apparently, a Briggs & Little cardigan I was working on. She sent me a photo this week, and the strange thing is, I don't remember knitting this, or even knowing how to combine cables like that.

And doesn't this yarn in these cables remind you a little of the worsted yarn in Brooklyn Tweed's Wool People, like the Caldwell Vest? Strange how knitting is so ancient, but it keeps on renewing itself somehow. Love it.

Back in ye olde times, you used to be able to order yarn directly from Briggs & Little, at discount pricing with a large minimum order, and it came in a burlap sack by post. Knitting still reminds me of the sheepy smell of those skeins in burlap. 20 years later, you can still get the yarn that's in the photo, Regal in Forest Brown.