Don't trash talk the sweater vest

By Megan Goodacre

Don't trash talk the sweater vest

Okay, I feel a little guilty for betraying the Sweater Vest in yesterday's post. Let me be clear, I don't think sweater vests are nerdy. However, I have gifted sweater vests before, and they were greeted with polite dismay.

So to make it up to Sweater Vests Around the World, I've started a new Pinterest board, devoted to knitted Sweater Vests. I can't be the only person who loves them.

Why we like sweater vests

Because of all the male Friends, Chandler is the funniest and that's what matters in the end. That's probably a highly controversial statement, but hey, that's how we roll at Tricksy Knitter.

Annie Hall. I haven't seen the movie in a long time, but I know she wears some kind of vest over a men's shirt and tie.

The brother from A Room With a View. I cannot find a picture of him, but if you are as old I am (i.e., watched a lot of romantic movies in the 1980s) you will know who I mean. You know, that English guy, with the floppy hair? Okay, he doesn't actually wear a sweater vest in the movie, but he does wear buttoned vests and boater hats, and that's close enough for me.

James Franco. Oh yeah, he wears sweater vests. That's right, vests.

Fair Isle knitting. Need I say more?

Because a sweater vest on a man says, "I can and will pay for dinner." Yes, that is a sweeping sexist generalization for which I do not apologize because I like sweater vests.

Because a sweater vest says "I'm into books. Do you want to hang out at a bookstore with me?"

Because a sweater vest says "I like sweater vests. Do you want to go to the yarn store with me?"

Please feel free to add to the list.