Double Bill for a Single Skein

By Megan Goodacre

Double Bill for a Single Skein

For Christmas, I treated myself to a luxurious, hand dyed, 100% silk, 100 gram skein from Sweatermaker Yarns. The question then, of course, what to do with this precious thing? It's easy to get so attached to a single skein that you never actually use it. 

On the way to using this skein, I did my research, and made some notes on One Skein Patterns. And decided to see just much I could get out of 250 meters of yarn. I was able to get design a simple, double loop cowl, the Botanical Cowl.

And in the spirit of getting the most out of one skein knitting, I made a teeny tiny bag from the leftover yarn. I named it Margalo, after the bird in Stuart Little.

Both of these new patterns are free to download.

Botanical Cowl Margalo Knitted Bag