Fledge reincarnated

By Megan Goodacre

Fledge reincarnated

Yes, I know, I'm like the absent lover who only comes a-knocking when he/she is lonely (Ew. As Liz Lemon says, I'm only comfortable with the word "lover" if it's between "Meat" and "Pizza").

No posts for a month, and then 4 in a row? Whuh?

I took a little time to document my Fledge Blanket project. Oh yes, blanket. If you already have the Fledge Shawl pattern, then you are a few easy mods away from a blanket pattern.

I also wrote a little post on How to Block Very Large Things. Handy tips for the carpentarily-challenged and/or lazy. It was nice to go through those old photos, with their sunshine and petunias, because they are proof that winter does not last forever.