Fledge Shawl in Lace and a Wall of Rulers

By Megan Goodacre

Fledge Shawl in Lace and a Wall of Rulers

I wanted to test out Fledge in lace weight, and I had this very special skein of green silk/merino lace from SweetGeorgia Yarns. (I think the colour is lettuce wrap, or maybe it's savory, where are my tags?) The original Fledge Shawl is meant to be a single-skein fingering weight project; this means that it works up quickly, but also that the finished size is limited by how many yards of fingering weight fit in 100g.

With 100g of lace, there’s way more yardage to play with. So I did one extra repeat of the stockinette/lace bands. Finished measurements are about 68 x 34 inches.

The weird thing about lace is how small and lifeless it can look before blocking. You’re working on that last row, and it’s about 900 sts long, and you’re having some serious doubts about this limp handkerchief you’ve created… But the moment you wet-block, it opens up and comes to life. There's not a lot of light in the studio in the morning, but I think you can get an idea of the lustre of the silk.

Oh yeah, just to show that I come by my nerd obsession with rulers honestly, that's my wall of go-to rulers. For the other ruler-nerds out there, here's what they are, left to right: heavy duty 48-inch with built-in level; Alumicolor square (love it, it's thin but sturdy); Alumicutter 18-inch with raised cutting guard and no-slip rubber on the bottom; Alumicolor T; Tricksy knitter needle gauge; classic wooden meter stick with inches and cm; Sew Easy Metric French Curve with grading rule (just noticed it's made in Australia, that's interesting); a putty knife (don't know why that's there) and a Tricksy knitter gauge prototype.