Free Shawl Pattern coming soon

By Megan Goodacre

Free Shawl Pattern coming soon

I had this beautiful skein of Sweatermaker Yarns, hand-dyed, 4-ply, 50% merino 50% silk. And it was 100 grams, 350 meters, so nice and substantial.

But as we all know, finding the right pattern for a single skein can be tricky. You want to use the whole thing, but not run out. And I wanted an object that would show off the subtle colour palette.

So, a new free pattern will be coming to the site soon for a simple shawl that can be done with 350 meters of fingering weight yarn. It's upstairs right now, blocking on the dining room table. The silk/merino blend makes a gorgeous feather-weight accessory.

The challenge of making a one-skein pattern is productive; it forces you to eliminate unnecessary details and focus on the best qualities of the yarn. That's how the Botanical Cowl came about; from 250 meters of hand-dyed Sweatermaker Yarns silk.

Free Shawl