Getting ready for the weekend!

By Megan Goodacre

Getting ready for the weekend!

It's the middle of April, and while some folks are blogging about the first crocus or a day at the beach, I'd like to broach the topic of ice pellets.

Sure, I read the weather alert for Ottawa last night that forecast 15 cm of snow, ice pellets, freezing rain and wind. But this morning, at above freezing, with a light dusting of snow, and gentle wind, it all seemed pretty tame. The landscape was no more grim than usual. "So this is what ice pellets look like. No problem," I thought to myself smugly.

A few hours later, I went outside to toss the newspaper in the recycling bin and several things happened. First, the wind caught the newspaper and threw it all over the driveway. Second, I ran back in to the house. Third, I realized I had just littered and dashed back out. And fourth, I found out what ice pellets are. Combined with a blustery wind, those pellets are a fine storm of ice-cold grit that gets in your eyes and sounds like the skittering of some terrible rodent on the windows. (Or that could just be one of the aggressive squirrels.)

So, to boost spirits, and remind myself that spring is (will be, might be) coming, let's have a sale. Sales are optimistic and spring-like. Now until the end of Sunday, use the code "FROLIC" in your Tricksy Knitter checkout and get 25% off everything (except shipping, so not literally everything, but you know what I mean).