Glamour lady

By Megan Goodacre

Glamour lady

As one approaches 40 (and I'm not naming any names), one might ponder remedies to aging, lost youth and what-not. What-not being a handy catchall to describe that moment when one looks in the mirror and says "where the hell did that wrinkle come from and how long has it been there???"

Well, I have found the solution. Forget your lotions, your green tea, your meditation, your botox. Professional photography is the way to go. Local photographer Karen McKinnon guided me cheerfully through an outdoor session last week for my new knitting patterns (I know, I know, I keep hinting that they're coming), and I tried to quell my inner monologue. How would this work? Do I have lipstick on my teeth? Is my bra-strap showing? I'm standing in a thistle patch...

But the end result is so, so, well, not to sound cliched, but so fabulous. Yes, the digital retouching makes me feel a little guilty. But as Tina Fey says in Bossypants, don't we deserve to look as though we were caught at our best moment in the best light? Yes. I'll take enhancements. Warts-and-all can wait for another day. (For more beautiful photographs by Karen, check out her Facebook page and blog).

The kids and I were listening to Cressida Cowell's How to Twist a Dragon's Tale (read by David Tennant, more fabulousness), and the main character, now an old man, says of his childhood self "the boy that I was is so distant from me now, he might as well be a stranger..." And Tina Fey says something to that effect in Bossypants: how did this little soccer nerd become this glamour lady? It got me to thinking that I should include a picture of my grubby childhood self. That's me on the right. Check out that scowl.