Good morning coffee, my old friend

By Megan Goodacre

Good morning coffee, my old friend

We're finally here. After 2 weeks at the in-laws (thank you Aunt Judy and Poppa Zim) we finally got our truck full of stuff, and are in our new house.

Spent yesterday rediscovering old items, cursing every time I hit my head on the dining room light fixture (you know how the light is really low when the table isn't under it?), and puzzling over boxes labelled "miscellaneous crap." Should we even open those ones?

I've never moved so far before, and didn't really know, or didn't really compute, that the moving company charges by the pound. It's pretty funny (or it will be eventually) that we lovingly packed things like, here's a random example, a 1/2 full bottle of rubbing alcohol. Or a box full of heavy mugs labelled "give to goodwill". Or an old computer that weighs about 30 pounds but has no hard drive.

Ah well, live and learn. At least there's coffee.

My office is much smaller than the last one (I was spoiled by all that space) but brighter. Which means I'll be able to see all my stuff really well when I trip over it? Hmm, still sounding a little bitter. Everything is going to be fine. I won't be such a princess tomorrow.