Handmade Gift Idea #10: Origami Santa

By Megan Goodacre

Handmade Gift Idea #10: Origami Santa

(Excuse the dark photos today. It's only 3pm but there is almost no light. Snow in the forecast, clouds, etc.)

Have you checked out How About Orange? Love that blog. Full of great craft ideas and printables.

Here's something I found there today: origami Santa! She made little ones and attached them to gift tags, adorable.

Little C and I made a few. I made mine small, like the ones on How About Orange. Stick an origami Santa on an origami box, put a chocolate in it, shabam, you've got yourself a tiny gift.

But despite how much I enjoy the mini Santa, I think Little C's "Tyrannosanta" puts mine to shame. I like how kids can make crafts awesome without being overly precious.