Handmade Gift Idea #2: Cowls

By Megan Goodacre

So you want to knit a gift, but you're not sure where to begin.

You were thinking of a scarf, but don't know if you'll have time? Suggestion: how about a cowl (aka an infinity scarf or loop scarf).


  • One size fits anyone

  • Requires less yarn than a scarf

  • Takes less time than a scarf

  • They're also pretty sophisticated

Now, here's a question to consider: Will men wear cowls? Certainly, many will. If you're not sure, just make sure to pick a nice traditional texture and colour without too many embellishments. Or consider a hat.

In my usual self-promotional way, I will mention that I have a few cowls here on Tricksy Knitter: Canaletto, Botanical, Opul, New Bittersweet (those four are all free knitting patterns) plus the Chandelle, Clarendon, Longwall and Ferguson cowls. Oh, and the Henning Cowl. And if you have the Idiot's Guide, there's a really quick cowl, the Chunky Textured Cowl, that one whips up in no time. Looking for more? You'll find thousands of knitting patterns for cowls on Ravelry.


fergusoncowl_2 canaletto900_1 Botanical Cowl Opul Scarf chandelle1 New Bittersweet Cowl Henning Cowl chunkytexturedcowl2 Clarendon Knitting Pattern longwallcowl2"