Happy Fourth!

By Megan Goodacre

Happy Fourth!

I had a very enjoyable morning. Had a little photo shoot with a lovely young woman down the block (is there anything worse than someone my age saying things like "lovely young woman" or "lovely young lady"? It ages one so. But she is so it should be said.) And came back with a big batch of gorgeous photos. Which brings the summer cardigan pattern that much closer to fruition.

And then I realized, hey, it's July 4th today! Of course, I'm Canadian, living in Ottawa, so I had my fireworks on July 1st (we Canadians are quite progressive, that's why we have our fireworks and Thanksgiving earlier than our American neighbours. Wink, just teasing.)

So, since much of my audience is in the US, let's have a sale to help celebrate! Buy any 4 items on tricksyknitter, and the 4th item is free. (Equal or lesser value, you know the drill.) Buy 4 books for the price of 3. Buy 2 patterns and a needle gauge, get another gauge free to give to a friend. Sale lasts until July 6 midnight. You don't need a coupon code or anything, the discount should show automatically.

I also came back with a little backyard envy. Ours is a little grim, and our shed is a little cockeyed. But isn't this a nice backdrop for photos?