Happy Friday! Now with buttons

By Megan Goodacre

Happy Friday! Now with buttons

I still haven't finished my Hollywell Cardigan. All it needs is buttons (are buttons? grammar anyone?), but I haven't found the perfect ones.

I assumed I would have them in my "collection". I use air quotes, because until a few days ago, my buttons were all jumbled in a bag with a bunch of other notions. Here they are, being sorted. You can't see them all, but you know those spare buttons that come in tiny ziplock bags when you buy a shirt? I keep all of those. Why?

I braved the fluorescent lights and weird smell of Fabricland to fetch 7 brown buttons, and couldn't find anything quite right. I brought home 7 buttons, but I'm not pleased with them. Not quite the right thing. Should I put them on regardless? Sigh. Anyone know a really good place to buy cardigan buttons in Ottawa?

I have some very nice buttons that need projects to go with them. The nicest buttons are all from Makyta who has special powers for finding the best presents.

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