Happy Knit Year

By Charles Jaimet

Happy Knit Year

Well, Megan is still AWOL so I'm writing the blog. If she doesn't look out I might just take over... except that I still don't know anything about knitting and I expect that might come up at some point.

I'm making dinner now, waiting for the quinoa to soften up before I add the broccoli and scallions. If you read my last post, you'll know I did not come up with this recipe. I took it from a book I got for Christmas called One Pot, by Martha Stewart. Do NOT tell anyone I've ever played rugby with that I'm following a Martha Stewart recipe book.

Quinoa. Quinoa. I know it's not an English word originally but come on, what part of that word is spelled right? The "a" at the end maybe. The rest is just linguistic silliness like spelling women with an "o" or using "tion" for shun. Keenwa. I'm keen about keenwa. Not only does it make more sense it's already easier to market. Quinoa is something you buy at the health food store, in the organic aisle. Keenwa you could buy in the corner store.

Still, it tastes good if you cook it right. Megan always does, but I have just overcooked mine (and the broccoli too). Oh well, I'm learning. The bar for arts and crafts and cooking and such is pretty high in our home, as you can imagine. Megan learned most of those things before she could walk, and I still burn pots when I try to boil water. (Hint to other noobs: make sure there's actually water in the pot).

Photography is something else at which Megan excels. Just go through this website and you will see what I mean. Since Megan just takes pictures of knitting I thought I would step back and take a picture of the set up. Now, at this point you're probably thinking it's either lazy or ironic that I took a low quality photo using an iPhone of a high quality, albeit DIY, lightbox. I'm going with ironic, and maybe even post modern. Does that make me an artist? Who can say? (Spoiler: not really)

So... the "lightbox" above just looks like a couple of sheets of coreplast propped up around a camera. Well, that's mostly what it is. The bottom is cloth and the backdrop is some kind of mottled paint job she made for the box. I'm sure Megan could do a much better job of explaining the color and light balance, but all i know is it was relatively cheap and it churns out professional quality photos.

The box is lit by two adjustable LED lamps, each bright enough to make you see spots after only a few seconds. Her camera is well beyond my understanding, but one thing I do know is that it's wired right into her computer, so she can shoot, preview and edit all on her 28-inch screen. If I were more photographically inclined I know I would be quite jealous.

I was going to write about all the new knitwear that has been arriving like Christmas presents this season, but taht will have to wait for next time.