Happy 2015!

By Megan Goodacre

Happy 2015!

It was with some relief that I waved goodbye this morning to all three males of the house as they set off for school and work (no offense boys). Two weeks of winter holiday with three large boys and their xbox, odours, walking dead marathons, and candy consuming is just about my limit. But I love them dearly.

Thank you Charles for picking up the slack here on the blog.

Our big plan for the end of our family holiday was to take a day and drive over to Parc Omega, the safari park in Quebec. In preparation for the trip, Charles bought 3 large bags of carrots. Which, apparently, almost all the animals at the park enjoy. Except the wolves. And you're not supposed to feed the bison because they will push over your car when you stop feeding them. Or so I've heard. I was quite looking forward to the trip; I have never seen a fox and was hoping to see one, and maybe a wild boar or two.

But it was not to be. Saturday and Sunday the forecasted winter storm rolled in (although "storm" makes it sound more dramatic than it was) and coated everything in a layer of ice, making a road trip a Bad Idea.

So Sunday, I took the day off from work, and made a large batch of carrot cake. Yes, with the carrots intended for the wildlife. Well, some of the carrots, we still have two bags.

I do not have a picture of the carrot cake. But I did step out the back door in my pyjamas this morning to get a picture of some of the ice left from the freezing rain.

But now back to work. One more week until a very important deadline. The mystery project is picking up steam.