Hats in progress

By Megan Goodacre

Hats in progress

Technology and I are having words.

In an effort to clear space on Mac, I moved files to backup drive. Then tried to verify backup drive. Disk utility said it needed repairing. Moved all files from back up drive back to mac. Tried to repair backup drive. Backup drive unrepairable. Erased and partitioned backup drive. Moved all files back to backup drive. Ran Time Machine (took 12 hours).

Am now basically where I was yesterday, with a little more room on mac, but drive still making weird noises. Googled "iMac drive making weird noises". Found an Apple document that said noises are expected, and any "grunting, huffing, sighing, chittering, or thudding" is normal. Okay, hyperbole aside, "thudding" was on the list.

And then I took a bunch of photos this morning, and realized I hadn't switched the lens to auto-focus. Gah.

Hats are in progress. Many ends to weave in, but I really appreciate the low-tech activities of soaking hats and weaving in yarn tails.

Had a request to show the inside of hat. Unusual request, but sure, why not? And the wrong side looks pretty damn good, if I do say so myself. Here's a new post with tips on how to approach stranded colour work (aka Fair Isle knitting).

I also added to my new category, Handmade Gift Ideas, with Idea #2: Cowls.