Have you ever had a cursed sweater?

By Megan Goodacre

Have you ever had a cursed sweater?

This was attempt number 4 with this sweater. I love this yarn, Hempathy, in a deep charcoal grey, and I'm making (or trying to) a comfort-fit-boyfriend-type sweater. To throw on in all seasons. But it may be cursed....

Attempt 1: misjudged (ie didn't bother to measure carefully) my gauge. Too big.

Attempt 2: added short rows. Screwed up short rows.

Attempt 3: got rid of short rows. Worked several inches. Left it for several weeks. Didn't like it when I went back to it.

Attempt 4: this is going to be great! New design. Using a lot of seed stitch. Seed stitch slow, but worth it! Do you know what I did this time? TWISTED THE CAST ON WHEN I JOINED IN THE ROUND. I haven't done that in a long, long, long time. It's the WORST.

There's something to add to knitting mistakes and how to avoid them: when working in the round, check for twists!