He's all that and a bag of wool

By Megan Goodacre

He's all that and a bag of wool

It's fitting that Jared Flood announced his new yarn, Loft, the day after Halloween, because the man obviously never sleeps. Have you seen how much he's accomplished? Do you think he's cloned himself like Calvin did with his Duplicator?

And I'm trying to be so good, rationing my yarn purchases. I must not buy more yarn. I must not buy more yarn. But I have a weakness for fingering weight yarn in plump wool (thus my current obsession with Quince & Co Tern).

So, I'm holding off temptation by living vicariously through little digital colour images of Loft. Today I posted a new article on Color Theory, Part II of a series. This one is about some basic color relationships. And Loft is a perfect way to illustrate a few of them, with its beautiful heathers and saturation.

Hmm, I wonder what Thornfield Cardigan or Sweet Oak Shawl would look like in Loft....