I did not just buy 20 skeins

By Megan Goodacre

I did not just buy 20 skeins

It's sad really. The denial. The shame.

I was driving around the Merivale Road area, which really is my least favourite part of Ottawa (sorry Ottawa); very congested, lot's of strange retail and services mixed with under-construction strip malls. It certainly seems to have the highest ratio of "adult" paraphenalia shops. Anyways, that's where the Costco is, and they have Jelly Belly jelly beans, 1 kilo for $10, so that's the main reason I was there.

And, I knew that there was a yarn shop, somewhere behind Costco on Colonnade (if you know Ottawa, you'll know this a maze of industrial/government/discount retail with very little street appeal. The kind of place you probably go to buy a cheap hot tub or pay a parking fine. I don't know that you can actually do that on Colonnade, so please don't take your parking tickets there.)

I drove listlessly through the area. I had no address for the yarn store. I didn't even know what the store was called. The GPS had no information. It seemed like a fool's errand, and I really don't need any more yarn. But then I turned a corner, and there it was:
Wool Tyme.

You can't see how big the store is from the outside, and honestly, it looked closed. But there was parking, so I found the front door and went in. I vowed to investigate quickly and get out without buying anything.

Damn it. Why did I go in? The place is HUGE. And they have, well, everything. I picked up 4 nice little skeins of Mirasol baby llama to use for swatching for winter designs, and felt that I was escaping pretty lightly. And then saw the Sale area. Damn it again! I don't usually bother with sale bins, because I try to stay away from discontinued or unpopular yarns for my patterns.

But they had this lovely Louisa Harding Willow Tweed. The prettiest colours. And enough of it for a sweater. The rest of the story writes itself. Ended up with ten skeins of #9 catkin and ten skeins of #5 stone.

Willow Tweed Yarn