I hope the Easter Bunny has a warm jacket

By Megan Goodacre

I hope the Easter Bunny has a warm jacket


The sky is wonderfully bright today. But it's still pretty cold. And don't get me started about yesterday. If the weather doesn't shape up soon, there will be a mutiny.

A few thoughts before we head into a well-earned long weekend...

I am still keeping up my jogging. Or, rather, "jogging". It's closer to "trotting". These photos are shots of the Ottawa River at my halfway point on yesterday's run. Yesterday was April 15th. Yes, that is ice.

We have a mouse living in the drawer below the oven. He (or she) has made a nest out of dryer lint in a cupcake pan. This would be charming except for all the poops.

I have been knitting and knitting and charting like mad. I am enjoying a couple of projects that are mindless stockinette. I am getting very fast (if I may be permitted to brag a little) at knitting continental. If only my jogging skills were progressing so nicely. But I do find I have to be careful with fine yarn, or I tend to split the strands. I don't have this problem knitting english, must be something to do with the angle.

My office/studio is still a disaster. I just have so much stuff. And I have given tonnes away to charity. Sigh. We installed a nice tall wardrobe that we got in Ikea's Pax sale. I chose a long-coveted laquer green door. But, as these things go, we still haven't attached a handle to the door or removed the protective vinyl sheet. So it is still a dull green door with barcodes printed on it.

Have a lovely Easter weekend everyone.