I know, I know, you already have yarn....

By Megan Goodacre

I know, I know, you already have yarn....

I really don't need more yarn. But that didn't stop me from perusing Knit Picks big sale.

Looks like Swish Tonals are all marked "goodbye" and they are all 50% off. 100gram skeins on for $7.19. I'm a big fan of Pearlescent.


Thinking of babies?

If you're looking for a nice baby gift, 300 grams of Swish Worsted will do the cabled blanket.

150-300 grams of the Swish Worsted will do the Baby Jacket.


Thinking of yourself (of course you are, and you should be, you deserve it)

Helliwell is a great everyday cardi, and City Tweed DK is super soft. Lots of colours are on sale from 2.49 - 3 something. Enchanted, Basil, Blue Blodd or Kitten would be very pretty.

I think Gloss DK in either Peapod or Velveteen would make a very pretty spring sweater!

Paravel is a super popular rectangular wrap. I think it's the asymmetry; it keeps you interested while you're knitting, and means that  it looks great when you wrap it around your neck. Excellent options for Paravel: Stroll, Capretta, and Gloss Fingering. Don't have time for the wrap? The Paravel Hat is a quicker project.

Each of the shawls in my new free ebooklet on triangular shawls uses 100 grams of Stroll. Lots of Stroll on sale. You could do a whole shawl for about $5. And Stroll Glimmer would be lovely for the holidays. Chroma Fingering, Gloss Fingering, and Capretta are also great choices, also on sale.

Hollywell is another great everyday cardigan, with its stripes and hood. I wear mine all the time. And you could make one a budget with Wool of the Andes Sport. Many colours on sale at $1.24! How about Mink, Bramble and Claret Heathers as a combo? Or Thyme, Oyster and Mink Heather for a olive, retro look?

Into lace? The Fledge Shawl, which uses less than 100 grams, would look great in Shadow Lace, Gloss Lace, Alpaca Cloud. Or try it in Stroll, Capretta, or Gloss Fingering.






Thinking of him (they ask for so much attention, don't they?)

Becket is conservative enough to keep him happy, but interesting enough to keep you happy. It would look great in Tahitian Pearl, Orca and Blue Blood. Or Tahitian, Kitten, and Desert Sage.

And of course, leftover City Tweed could go right into a Sloane Hat.

City Tweed Heavy Worsted would be great for the Sweet Oak Cardigan.

I could go on...

Sloane Knitting Pattern becket1