It's that time: Gift ideas for knitters

By Megan Goodacre

It's that time: Gift ideas for knitters

I know, I know, this is a clichéd post. But as I find myself googling "gift ideas for 9 year old boys" and "gift ideas for middle aged nerds" and "gift ideas for in laws" I have to assume that you're doing the same thing. And, since this is the final week for most shipping, let's get this done. 

Patterns and yarn make a great gift, but can be tricky unless you know the knitter well. Colour, fiber choice, patterns, garment choice, it's all very personal. If you give yarn, try to give something special that is enough to complete a project.

If you have a shawl knitter on your list, something like the luxury cashmere/silk kits will make a wonderful gift; it's luxurious and all the recipient has to add is needles. They can cast on right there by the tree. And of course, your local yarn store will have many wonderful options and advice.

Here are some other gift ideas for knitters:

$ - $$$ Let them choose:

Gift certificates for yarn stores

Gift cards from Knit Picks

$ Little gifts and stocking stuffers:

Needle gauge (of course, I'm a little biased, but the Tricksy Knitter gauge makes a very nice gift)

Cable needle

Stitch holder

Stitch markers

Blocking pins

Tape measure

Pattern booklet

Tapestry needle

Sketchbooks and graph paper (once again, I'm biased, but our notebooks are delightful)

$$$ Splash out and get them:

Magazine subscription

Knitting Book

Knitting bag

Ball winder

Yarn Swift

Blocking mat

Needle set

Digitally deliverable gifts

We often need to give gifts via email.

Ravelry patterns

Emailed Gift Cards (like Knit Picks)

Digital magazine subscriptions

Non-knitting Gifts for the Knitter

What knitter doesn't like be entertained while they knit?

Audiobooks (I don't know where we'd be without our audiobooks)

Movies or TV Shows (a little Downton Abbey anyone?)

iTune Cards, Amazon Cards, etc