Knit a blanket or get to work

By Megan Goodacre

Knit a blanket or get to work

Warning: may contain very mild cursing.

How can you tell that I have a deadline? I'm cruising the web and pinning to Pinterest. Pincrastination. (Did I just invent that word?? I call shotgun on the awesome word, unless someone already invented it. Which they must have.)

Knitters are often looking for a pattern for that traditional favourite, the knitted blanket. But where to begin? How much yarn will it take? How big should it actually be? I've made a couple of knitted blankets, and phew, there's a lot of knitting in one of those. But the satisfaction of all that squishy, stretchy, warm fabric, cannot be beat. And a blanket always fits.

So, I'm starting a Pinterest board of blankets, and thinking about a blanket pattern. And I broke down and ordered some Billow in the colour Gosling from Knit Picks. Which is so absurd, considering we just paid 50 cents per pound to have all our wordly belongings transported across this big-ass country. (That was the mild cursing, but in my defense, it only means donkey.) And I know there are some (a few, several, many) pounds of yarn in that truck. But, I don't actually have (no really!) enough yarn (it's true) in my stash (stop laughing!) for a blanket. And Billow will be perfect.

And one more thing, and then I'll stop complaining: is it not bad enough that I lost 3 hours, that I have to lose 1 more? What if we all just refuse to change our clocks?