Knit Issue 40

By Megan Goodacre

Knit Issue 40

Yay, Knit Issue 40 magazine is out! Knit is a British magazine, published by All Craft Media. (Knit used to be called Yarn Forward). You can get in on newsstands in the UK, or get it digitally at Yudu.

It's a lovely little magazine, with very few ads. You can check out the table of contents at Yudu before buying, which is a nice feature. I subscribe to Knit at Yudu, which gives me access to all the back issues, which is a fantastic deal.

You can get more information on all 10 patterns on Ravelry, a really nice array of creative designs. There's also a good how-to article on Finishing, very handy.

Centifolio Shawl by Susanna IC

Cocktail Dress by Brenda Karen Bourne

After Five Sweater by Ruth Garcia-Alcantud

Custom Fit Socks by Kate Atherley

Boy's Lord Loxley Pullover by Megan Grewal

Leaf Lace Vest by Anniken Allis

Floral Pocket Jacket by me!

Opera Gloves by Andrea Rangel

Limestone Pavement Beret by Helena Callum


Here's a screenshot that shows the detail on the back of the Floral Pocket Jacket...