Knitting and Knetflix

By Megan Goodacre

Knitting and Knetflix

How's your Tuesday looking? It's One Thousand Percent Humidity and pouring rain here. We're counting down to the end of school. Poor little C was finishing a school project early this morning at the breakfast table. Bleary eyed, still wearing his soccer shirt from last night's final match of the season (which they didn't win). This kid is Ready for a Vacation.

Watched a little of the Salinger documentary last night. Kind of a weird format because there are so few photos of him after the 40s, so it's mostly interviews and anecdotes. But did you know, when he joined the army to fight in World War 2, his first love (18) left him and married Charlie Chaplin (53)? That must have been quite a blow. And, in a very weird move, at the end of the war while he was in Germany working in the "Denazification" effort, Salinger married a Nazi sympathizer? The marriage didn't last long (durh). And although he is usually called a "recluse", implying, I think, that he was a hermit, I think it's truer to say that he was extremely private and hated public scrutiny. He wasn't a hermit at all. He went to the post office, he travelled, he went to the county fair. He just didn't have a public life. Like most of us.

Anyways, I'm not sure if I like the movie, or the idea of the movie (it seems essentially icky to probe the most private details of a private person's life) but I am curious, so think I'll finish it. Maybe that's part of the tenacity of the Salinger mythology; our voyeuristic tendencies are fed by his refusal to pander to the public.

I am making fast progress on my new cardigan in Hempathy. Quite excited to finish and wear it. Netflix is the great enabler of knitters. We finished Breaking Bad last night. WOW. It took me a while to warm up to the series, mostly because of the infamous bathtub scene, which I felt was really rather outré, but, wow. Shakespeare meets Greek tragedy meets Godfather meets Malcolm in the Middle with a soupçon of Arrested Development. (My theory, totally unfounded, is that the name of the chicken restaurant, Los Pollos Hermanos, is a nod to Arrested Development.)

But what will we watch now??