Knitting Calendars: Creative Time Travel

By Megan Goodacre

Knitting Calendars: Creative Time Travel

Have you noticed how the knitting design world is just ablaze with new fall designs these days? Knitty just published their Deep Fall 2011 issue, I just noticed this lovely slouchy hat in Ravelry's new pattern section on Monday, the Kami Hat by Katie Schumm, and today it's already on page 14 of "recently aded patterns on Ravelry". And Brooklyn Tweed has published another book, BT Fall 11, fast on the heels of Wool People.

But no, I'm not here to name drop or start rumors. (Although someone really needs to keep an eye on that Jared Flood character...) The knitting design calendar is a strange thing. Right now, I'm doing all these things simultaneously:

  • sketching designs for summer 2012

  • trying to visualize what knitters want to wear and/or knit in a heat wave

  • wondering where my wool socks are because it's damned cold in my studio

  • waiting anxiously for the special edition of Interweave Knits to come out for Fall, called Knit. Wear, because my design that I sketched almost a year ago will finally be published in it

  • trying not to love Jared Flood

  • trying not to hate Jared Flood (yes, I am a petty, petty person)

  • googling "first day of winter" because I think it might be happening right now and can we please turn the furnace on?