Knitting for men...

By Megan Goodacre

Knitting for men...

Wordpress is awesome. Posting from my phone today. No good reason for doing so, just wanted to try it out.

Charles requested a hat. Poor man. All the work he does on TK, and he doesn't have a single knitted item. (Yes I know he is wearing the Ferguson hat, but I gave the hat away. Mean, eh?)

But it's partly his fault. No wait, hear me out, I'm about to make an unfair generalization. Men have boring taste in knitwear. They like fine-knit, traditional, and non-scratchy. All of these needs are better (and less expensively) served by factory-made knits. You might love knitting him that shawl collar pullover, but he would be just as happy with the same thing for $60 from The Gap. Actually he'd be happier with the $25 v-neck, because let's face it, not all guys can pull off a shawl collar. The problem is in the name.

Anyways. He deserves a hat so I'm knitting him one. It's the plain one on top of the pile.

ETA for WordPress nerds: Okay, posting to WordPress from my phone is excellent, but a couple of features missing. Can't set a Featured Image (or can't figure out how to). Can't access the dynamic internal linking feature, so have to type in url's to make links.