Knitting Swatch Spring Cleaning and a Free Download

By Megan Goodacre

Knitting Swatch Spring Cleaning and a Free Download

It must be spring, because there's a lot of spring cleaning going on. And by cleaning I mean that all storage shelves and totes have been emptied out on the floor, sorted half-heartedly into piles, and then ignored. Time for another coffee and a game of Monopoly.

But as much as I don't enjoy trying to figure out how to stack ski boots—this cannot be done—I do love going through my stash. My swatch pile though, was Out Of Control. (See the Before picture at the end of this post).

So I decided to Martha Stewart it—yes, that is a verb—and tag the more important swatches. I'm diligent about making tension swatches and testing stitch patterns, but then I forget important details, like what size needles did I use, what yarn is this anyway?

I made myself some printable tags where I can note the yarn, needle size, and make notes. I also made a checkbox for whether or not the swatch was blocked. (If you've ever had a sweater shrink to the size of a potholder or stretch to the size of a tent after washing, you'll know why that's important to know!).

So if you want to Martha your swatches, you can download the free swatch tag template from the knitting graph paper and other downloads page!