Modern Temptations

By Megan Goodacre

Modern Temptations

Just a quick post today. Love this time of year for the frost on the ground and the yellow leaves against pale grey trunks. But my inbox does fill up with too many temptations. It's the season for coveting more stuff, and oh, it's beautiful stuff.

Left: Quince & Co's new yarn Finch. How dare they tempt me with new fingering weight yarn? They've obviously been reading my blog. It's bad enough with Brooklyn Tweed's new fingering weight Loft. I will not succumb to the siren call of new yarn!! (But Megan, what is that package on your doorstep? Nothing. That's nothing. I don't know what you're talking about.)

Center: Simple Modern Sewing from Interweave. Gah! I'm getting repetitive stress from clicking Add to Cart so much. The modern sensibilities in that cover photo speak to me in so many ways. The geometric pattern, the neutral palette, the simple lines.

Right: Alabama Chanin tableware at Heath Ceramics. I stumbled on this one this morning without meaning to. I occasionally do a little virtual window shopping over at Heath Ceramics. And now I find that they have teamed up with Alabama Chanin to create a line of tableware. Sigh.