More cowlish goodness

By Megan Goodacre

More cowlish goodness

I was hoping to release this today. Actually, I was hoping to release it yesterday then delayed it to today.

This time of year, work moves a little slower and must be packed in small snippets around the oddly shaped objects that are children and their activities. (Warning: pending relocation means there will be an excess of moving metaphors).

Spent the morning figuring out how to take pictures of my own hands. Working on a really fun how-to project right now, I can't wait until I can reveal more. Taking properly exposed and focused photos of your own hands in action is made more difficult by:

• very loud Nerf battle taking place in all rooms of the house

• lack of natural light this time of year in this part of the world

• tripod at highest point; means getting on step stool to check the shot

• general torpor brought on by holiday diet of: Lindt truffles, tortilla chips, toast and coffee

This is another peek at a cowl that's 99% ready to go. Tech edited, photographed, just have finish it off. And name it!