New Cardigan Pattern in KNIT

By Megan Goodacre

New Cardigan Pattern in KNIT

All that winter knitting is coming to fruition. Kind of like planting tulip bulbs (which I never do in time) and then forgetting about them. And then spring, and Oh yeah, I remember now. Ladysmith is out in Knit Magazine, May 2012. Where can you get this magazine? Well, the UK on stands... Online at yudu, but I don't know if it's available yet. 

The Ladysmith is a sweet little cardigan in Louisa Harding Ondine. Seamless, bottom-up, knit-in edging, raglan yoke, wrap front. I love wrap cardigans; they’re so versatile. I originally imagined this worn with a narrow, buckled, velvet belt. But made a matching yarn belt for the sample. You can wear it with a pin too.

Originally, the sleeves would have matching lace cuffs, like in the sketch. (I confess, my favourite thing about the original sketch is her shoes). But this would have added logistical complexity for the knitter: you’re either sewing them on after, or making the cuff, grafting it, then picking up and knitting; or, you're using a different lace for the cuff than the front edge which means more instructions and another chart. The cuff alone would have taken this pattern from easy/intermediate to difficult/intermediate, and I wanted this to be a relaxed knit.

Easy to customize the length of body and/or sleeves. This would look great in warm weather blends like Lavold Hempathy, Knit Picks CotLin, Classic Elite Firefly…

Ladysmith Knitting Pattern